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What is the Gloucester City Supporters Trust?

Put simply, we are a collective group of Gloucester City fans and supporters. We exist to be the single representative voice of our supporters to the football club, provide help for the football club to grow, and to enable the fans and football club to provide support to our wider community and proudly represent our city.

But what does the Trust actually do?

We raise money through Trust volunteers - this maybe through the cash draw and golden goal tickets you see being sold on matchdays, through Trust events, the online memorabilia shop - but primarily through the generous monthly donations paid by our members and T-Ender subscribers. Thank you if this is you!

Trust members choose how our funds are spent within the football club and wider community, all members have the right to see our accounts and details of our donations. Recent donations include covering some men's first team away coach travel and providing sponsorship to the women's first team. Since we were re-established we have now raised more than £1million - many have contributed to keeping the club alive during some difficult years but we can very proudly say or fans, through the Trust, have played a significant role in that.

We are seeking to improve communication between supporters and the Football Club Board, raising issues of concern and providing feedback about the matchday experience and wider club issues.

Supporting and fundraising throughout the "One City" Community

Representing our fans' views as part of wider national work by the Football Supporters Association and to other local or national organisations when required. For example, last year the Trust were involved in representations to the National League about the voting structure on league wide decision making.

We are always actively seeking to grow our membership and particularly wish to diversity our membership across the wider Football Club and to better represent all of the Gloucester communities we and the Football Club serve. Please join, please get involved! We are only as strong as our members allow us to be.

The Governance Nuts and Bolts - why the Trust is more than a club.

The Trust carries out some of the functions of an old-fashioned football supporter club, but it has many more additional safeguards and legal rights that also make it a more powerful for supporters to raise money and get involved.

  • Our Trust is a separate company established as a Community Benefit Society. This means we can also hold assets including shares in other companies on behalf of our members. It also means we may legally spend our money only on our core purposes and not on the members or directors themselves.

  • The Trust has our own constitution and are managed by a Board of Directors elected by our members.

  • Each individual paid-up Trust member owns a £1 non-refundable share in the Trust for the duration of their membership.

  • Our work is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority who require us to submit annual, appropriately audited financial returns.

  • The Trust is a member of the Football Supporters Association which regularly consults with member bodies on policy matters and can also provide advice and support when necessary.

Trust FAQs

Do you only represent supporters of the men's first team?

No, we represent those supporting Gloucester City AFC right across the club. Quite frankly, we want to improve on our involvement with, and representation from, the women's teams and our junior development teams. So please do get in touch if you'd like to get involved or find out more.

Is the Supporters Trust the same thing as the Supporters Club?

The Supporters Club briefly existed in 2022 as a fan club set-up by the Football Club itself and was never part of, or endorsed by, the independent Gloucester City Supporters Trust.
We understand the Supporters Club and its 1883 Club scheme have now ceased to exist and it's committee has now dissolved. We have agreed existing Supporters Club memberships may be transferred to the Trust for the remainder of the 2022-23 season - if you wish to formalise this please contact the Trust on 
Of course we are very pleased to welcome back former Supporters Club or 1883 Club members to the Trust, and we know many people continued membership of both anyway. However, the Trust was a completely separate organisation to the defunct Supporters Club and we are unable to help with any payments fans may have made or benefits fans may have expected. Any issues of this type will need to be raised directly with the Football Club.